Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chronologically Incorrect!

A couple of weeks ago, our dear friends the Moffatts drove up all the way from Georgia to spend the night with us while on their way elsewhere. I hope that, in spite of my direction giving faux pas, they will return for a longer visit someday. While their stay was way too brief, it was so neat to see them again.

Now it's a nice quiet Saturday at home. Why so quiet you ask? Jim's Sunday School class of men are taking their sons on a camping trip together. The weather has finally cooled down so the hiking will be crisp and lovely and the sandwiches won't overheat. The sunshine is simply spectacular. Can the sun shine at different intensities? The past two days it's been dazzling. Some of the leaves are beginning to turn and the sky is so blue.

Yesterday Jim and I had the pleasure of going to the school where Rebekah is taking her culinary courses. The restaurant is now open, so we stopped in for lunch! Bekah served us and we were very pleased with the quality of the food. Soup, salad and sandwiches topped off with rice pudding for Jim and chocolate cake for me, all cooked by the students. Yum!

Bekah's chef instructor came out for a visit and then gave us a tour of the kitchen when we finished our meal. We'd toured the facility last year, but now that Bekah's been there he was able to give us the "inside scoop". Evidently she is doing very well and he is pleased with her hard work and motivation. So nice to hear. He works with her for about 3 hours a day so he has a better idea of who she is than any of her other teachers have a chance to.

Our sweet chef...


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avalarue said...

I've been wanting to know more about Bekah's culinary school! Is this part of her school curriculum? She must be miles ahead of her class, since she's been learning at the feet of a master-chef all her life! You must be very proud.

I know ... she's the one in the white hat!