Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time? Time! Who's Got The Time?!

I have no time for any meaningful writing these days.  The few times that I've even been able to get out for a run I have "written" brief sketches of what I'd like to be able to get into a post, but then I never make it that far.  So, in order for me to get some of it out of my head— where it may very likely get lost—here are the bullet points:

  • We're moving to San Antonio- YAY!  Jim has a job, for which we have prayed, cried, called, sought, and prayed some more for four long years.  I'm from San Antonio, my Mom lives there, as do my Auntie Dear, Uncle Dear, and Dear Cousins!
  • We're moving to San Antonio- WAAAAAH!  We now must pack up our lives and move- again- after becoming established in this beautiful area of Pennsylvania with a home that we love, a Church family, and friends who are Dear to our hearts.
  • Nathaniel is out of the Army and has moved home in order to be near us!  He was preparing to register for classes with Penn State, Berks campus when we learned that we would be moving.  He will go with us to TX and is planning to attend UTSA.
  • Bekah and Patrick have been living with us and will also join us in San Antonio.  Bekah might as well come along, since I don't see how we can do without Patrick!
  • Kate is enjoying a blessed summer abroad in Italy with an internship program for her school.  She will remain in PA to finish her Senior year at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster.  I'm not thinking about this yet.
  • Erin has been in Virginia again this summer working for the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation, this year as the Caving Director for the New River Adventure program.  She loves what she is doing and the folks with whom she is working, and I anticipate a number of hair-raising stories once she returns home in a couple of weeks.  I am ever-so-grateful that she saves these for after her safe return home.
  • Isaac will be a Sophomore this coming school year, and we'll continue home education in Texas where the regulations are far "easier" than in PA.  This final three years of his education will be just the two of us, and I am genuinely excited at the prospect of focusing together on the history and literature that are ahead of us.  

Now for some unrelated, but still bouncing around my cranium points:

  • My running this spring/summer has been all over the place, with no continuity to my training at all.  I haven't been able to maintain a regular routine but am hoping to settle down into something soon.  Last year I had a terrific summer of disciplined training, only to drop out of my two Fall races due to a freak injury.  I've set up a training plan on my Garmin calendar and will attempt to stick with it, race or no race.  There is a 1/2 Marathon that I'm considering in early December near San Antonio...
  • Moving is giving me a fresh opportunity to clean out clutter and re-evaluate what I want in a home.  "Stuff" is no longer on that list.
  • We need to find a new home for our cats, as they will not be moving with us.  This breaks my heart.

And, there... I lost the rest of what I thought I'd be putting down.  This is enough for now.  Now I can move on and hopefully get back to writing what I'm really thinking about.

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