Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I've been Missing In Action here for almost two months.  My time has not been spent lounging on a beach, to be sure.

Here's a snapshot:

Nathaniel was home for several too-short weeks; Jim became a vegetarian; we spent a long weekend in Williamsburg for Bekah's birthday; Erin, Isaac and I launched our Homeschool year; Kate started her Sophomore year at PCAD in Lancaster; I ran a Half-Marathon; Isaac has been running with the JV Cross Country team- and was chosen by the coach to be a team Captain; Isaac became a vegetarian; Nathaniel has been deployed to to Afghanistan; and Rebekah has now returned home from Virginia before returning to the CIA.

Okay, so a wide-angle lens was needed for that snapshot.

I'll try to get back to keeping the current news rolling here on the blog, while also giving a look back at some of the excitement of the last few months.

But for now, we're late starting our school day and I've got to get dressed...

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