Sunday, May 08, 2011

Between Williamsburg

This week we have had so many things happen that sorting them out could be done simply, or a big complicated mess.  Let’s take the simple path.

1. Jim and I arrived home from Williamsburg late Sunday evening.  Having stopped for coffee ¾ of the way, we weren’t sleepy at all, so we sat down with Kate and Isaac to watch a movie.  This took us to far later in the evening than I am usually awake, so when my cell phone rang at 11 pm I was glad not to be in bed.  My Mom was calling to tell me to turn on the News- Osama bin Laden had been killed.  We switched over to Fox News and saw Geraldo Rivera running through the breaking news.  Unbelievable.  I jumped onto Facebook and saw the reactions popping among my friends.

2. Erin, Isaac, and I spent the week of homeschooling beginning our study of the Civil War.  We are looking at the home stretch for the year, so I attempted to contact a couple of approved teachers for their end-of-year evaluations.  As of this writing we are awaiting contact.  There are only a few short weeks remaining before we have met the requirements of the state of Pennsylvania.  I am quite confident that the kids have learned much this year, and I am so proud of their hard work.  Now, we must finish the race.

3. This week I was blessed to have the luxury of taking a couple of runs through Wyomissing Park, during the first of which I saw one friend, and during the second of which I ran into another couple of friends.  I have therefore concluded that Wyomissing Park is not only a lovely place to run, but a friendly location as well.

4. This week marked the end of the Covenant church women’s Bible study which began in September.  For many months; through autumn, winter snows, and spring rains, a group of ladies from church have been studying the Apostle Peter and his letters with me.  On Thursday evening we concluded the 25th lesson, marveling at the goodness and faithfulness of God.  In the introduction to The Doctrine of The Atonement According to the Apostles, by George Smeaton, (1870) I read that the writings of the apostles are to be considered their commentary on the teachings of Jesus.  After such a thorough reading of 1st and 2nd Peter I must agree.  Peter teaches nothing new or uniquely different from the teachings of his Master, but expands and applies what the Lord taught during His ministry and after His resurrection.  This has been a blessed year of study with the ladies of Covenant church and while the summer will be a welcome rest, I look forward to our next study in the fall with eager anticipation.

5. Having prayed for weeks concerning the need for Rebekah to have not only a place to live in Williamsburg, but a vehicle to drive while she’s down there, we had come to the conclusion that we could send her with one of our two vehicles.  This would make things rather difficult for us, with Kate in Lancaster needing transportation at times, and Jim and I needing at times to be in two places at once.  We’ve done this routine before, but it’s certainly not easy.  This week a friend from church generously offered us the use of an “extra” vehicle which they have at home and haven’t been using.  I was overjoyed at the offer, realizing that whatever sort of vehicle it was, well, we’re not too proud to drive somebody’s clunker around if it means easing up our hectic juggling act with the cars.  It is, however, no clunker.  We now have the use of a small, but sporty, Mini Cooper!  God didn’t have to show His goodness in such a delightful fashion, but in His grace toward us now, He has been pleased to give us more than we could have asked. 

5. On Friday, Kate drove up to Hyde Park, NY, to help Bekah pack up, and they drove home on Saturday.  Arriving in the afternoon, there was plenty of time for Bekah to make dinner for us!  Having Bekah and Kate home now means that we are setting the table for six, which we haven’t done for a while.  It also means marvelously scrumptious meals with Bekah running the kitchen for a few days!  For Mother’s Day I was treated to a breakfast which I didn’t need to prepare, and for dinner the girls together cooked up shrimp scampi, and then they did the dishes! It was all wonderful; from first scent to the final swipe of the cleaned counters.

6. Speaking of Mother’s Day, I’ve had a lovely day.  Once I woke up I called my own Mom and wished her a happy day.  Shortly thereafter the kids came into my room bearing a warm cup of coffee in a new mug from the Culinary Institute of America.  Cards, some handwritten and purchased, equally special, were given to me by the kids.  As we were preparing for church Nathaniel called to wish me a happy day and I had a nice visit with him.  We then had a time of blessed fellowship and corporate worship with our church family.

After church the kids went together to see a movie and Jim and I returned home, changed clothes, hopped into the Mini, and drove to Wyomissing Park for a run together through the blooms and blossoms, along the creek, through the fields, and under the trees.  I never would have dreamed that going for a run would be a way to enjoy Mother’s Day, but with the perfect weather and beautiful day it was splendid. 

Following our run we returned home and I showered and took a book out to the hammock and read myself to sleep.  Jim, meanwhile, busied himself with trimming some shrubbery which has gone neglected for too long.  The kids came home and the girls began dinner, I weeded a flower bed, and Isaac helped Jim clear the trimmings.  My Dad and my brother Charles called and I enjoyed a nice chat with them each.  Dinner was Shrimp Scampi, the wine was fabulous, and a flourless chocolate cake finished the evening.

We are now looking ahead to delivering Rebekah to Williamsburg in a couple of days.  Time is slipping rather quickly through the hourglass lately.

Time for bed- goodnight, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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