Tuesday, July 29, 2008

At Last- I am Computing on a Whole New Level!

Just one hour ago I received my new Dell Laptop! YAY! Having waited for more than a month since my desktop computer died, it is such a relief and a blessing- not taken for granted- to have my own computing device again. Rebekah may now reclaim her laptop from me and I can learn this new wonder of technology. I am already realizing that, no matter how very wonderful this machine is, it won't increase my typing skills... hmm.

So to catch up. Alex had returned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina after dropping Kate and Bekah in South Florida. Bekah had a splendid time with friends, sun, beach and lots of swimming. Kate worked at a Christian camp as a counselor to 13-ish year-old girls, then spent a couple of weeks with friends and wedding dreams. Oh, and missing her Alex terribly. I spent the time, meanwhile, in a sort of withdrawal from the full house we had enjoyed for the month of June. Once the lovebirds are gone... well, it was quite a change of pace.

Making a long story postable I'll fast-forward to last week when our girls returned home. They arrived on Monday. On Tuesday Alex had a long and intense march, at the end of which he ended up in the hospital for several days. He had already purchased plane tickets for a visit up here this weekend, which he extended to cover the rest of his convalescent leave which was granted him upon discharge from the hospital. Alex arrived Friday evening to the delight of us all- and the overjoy of Kate.

We have been blessed by this visit, were able to celebrate his birthday last night, and he will return to Ft. Bragg tonight. At least this time I'll be able to wrap my arms around my sad Kate after she has driven away from her heart once again.

And now, some photos!

Meet our daring little friend, dubbed "evil Knievel". He climbs to the top of the wood pile, he makes death-defying leaps into the birdfeeder, and he fascinates/ frustrates the cats to distraction!

The frustrated hunter.

The blooms in the flower bed are absolutely stunning!

Waiting for Alex to arrive!

Home again.

Tender reunion
together again.

All together at church- only Nathaniel is missing...

Birthday boy!
Jim gave Alex some of his Airborne posters from when he was stationed at Fort Bragg himself,... many, many years ago.

Nothing says, "I love you," like matching Bibles...

So comfortable...

Yup, we are going to miss him all over again. Godspeed Alex.

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