Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nathaniel's Home!

He's Here! Nathaniel arrived Easter Sunday, having flown from Iraq to Kuwait to Germany to Atlanta and finally to Philly! Without a cell phone he used a pay phone in Atlanta to inform us of his arrival time, then borrowed a cell phone to call us once his plane landed in Philly. We were, fortunately already waiting at the airport- as close to the gate as we could get- so we got him straight away. My parents were able to also be part of the welcoming committee as we all hugged, cried and photographed the event.

We had a fabulous and busy few days with the whole family together before my Dad left, then two more days with Mom. Showing Nathaniel the sights and introducing him to our new home has been interesting to say the least. And now we may even be able to take him sledding and have roaring fires in the fireplace since there is a severe winter storm bearing down on us... oh yeah.

There's too much to say this morning, so now for the photos and I'll flesh out what we've been doing in my next post!


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avalarue said...

Love seeing the pictures. I can't wait to hear more about Nathaniel's visit.