Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Could it Be?...

It appears, and perhaps this is a hasty conclusion, but it really seems as if Spring is springing! The temperatures are suddenly warmer, snow is melting and birds sing. My window is actually open to catch the pleasant breeze and chittering of the birds. We will soon learn what is planted in the gardens all across our two acres; already some little yellow flowers are blooming near the front door- buttercups perhaps? Next sunny day I'll have to get out with a rake and pruning shears to do some clean-up in the yard.

Kate is at outdoor Lacrosse practice and it will soon be time for Isaac's Spring Soccer practices to begin. oy... Archery practice will move outdoors in the fields and woods around the club. They'll use the bullseye-type targets as well as 3D animals, that'll be interesting.

I know better than to stow away the winter coats, it is still March after all, and the weekend forecast threatens a chance of snow, (in which I'll be driving across the state, thank you very much). March is traditionally muddy, not yet springtime pretty. But the birdsong and occasional temperate breeze are encouraging. Too much cold gloomy weather makes me want to curl up and hibernate. It's about time to consider waking up and spending time outdoors!

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