Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines in the Snow

Finally getting back to blog all about what's going on with us! The big news is, we are having our first official Snow Day! Even Jim is snowed in with us as the roads are immpassible. We've had to change routines for the weather, which hasn't happened for us since hurricane Wilma in Florida. Jim's working on his laptop across the table from me as I type in the media/ dining room while Bekah, Erin and Isaac are playing in the snow/ sleet outside. I'm genuinely surprised at how very adaptable these kids are, considering they spent the last 7 years in the sunshine state, where 50's were freezing temps. Now they can't wait to get out into this nasty cold stuff! Brrr!

To catch up on a number of fronts; Bekah is now in physical therapy for her scoliosis, we go three times a week for her to work with the therapists and she exercises every day at home to strengthen her core which will hopefully help to arrest the development of her curve.

Emmi is warming up to us again after the trauma of medictaion at our hands. She was supposed to go in this morning to be spayed, but we can't get out of the driveway, much less driving uphill and downhill, so she'll remain a hostage to her hormones for a while longer- poor thing. She wanders the house yowling for a boyfriend...

Kate went on an Art class field trip to NYC a couple of Fridays ago and had herself a blast! She was astounded to see real life Van Gogh paintings, among others, in the Metropolitain Museum of Art and enjoyed Times Square at lunchtime with her friends. It was quite cold, so her souvineer was a warm and fuzzy hat bought from a vendor.

The day she was in NYC was the first time we had our Couples Bible Study here for dinner and study. We have really been blessed by this group of dear Christian couples and feel quite at home with our new church. This Sunday, (the 18th) we will be accepted as members of Covenant OPC.

Kate and Rebekah, with Laura along as well, joined the youth group for tubing at a nearby ski resort last Saturday. The adult in charge is a physical therapist associated with the PT we are taking Bekah to, and he declared that Bekah just may have straightened out her spine on some of the runs down the hill! (kidding of course)

Vali is enjoying the snow as well as the kids. Kate and I took her out for an explore yesterday before it got too severe, (the kids were sent home from school early since the weather was deteriorating so rapidly) and Vali learned the joy of chasing pine cones in the snow. She'd find one, toss it about, then run to find it a gain. So fun. There's finally a snow pigmy in the yard- the kids used my scarf of course- and it's nearly buried with the new snowfall.

She can have my scarf, I've taken up knitting. I can only knit scarves, one direction, no changes, just figuring out how to finish at the end. Erin and Bekah are also knitting scarves, which is fun because they have each chosen such unique yarns with which to work.

The sleet has changed back to snow now, and we've just watched the snow plow make 4 runs down our street. Erin is out sledding with the neighborhood girls, Bekah and Isaac are thawing out in front of the tv and Emmi is running up and down the stairs, meowing her frantic little heart out. Enjoy the pictures, and those of you in Florida, enjoy your relative warmth. This time last year I was watching the national weather and chuckling to myself- so go ahead!


avalarue said...

So glad to hear from you again - finally! I was worried that the weather had taken over your internet connection. We were watching that enormous white blob move across the map from Chicago to Boston and knew you were getting your snow at last!
I'll be the little brat and say we are "basking" at 60 degrees here in San Antonio. Well, at least yesterday we were. Today it may get up to 45, and tomorrow we're going down to the 20's. BUT NO ICE OR SNOW!!!
Give everyone a warm hug for me. And take care of that kitty! Love to all, Aunt LaRue

Sue Cohen said...

Hey we had snow today too!! Robbie and Katie were loving it. Too bad it only lasted about an hour and it is gone now. It is in the 30's now but supposed to be colder tommorrow! So much for living in South.
Miss y'all!