Thursday, October 26, 2006

Melting Pot in PA

As we were driving home tonight from KMart, (the kids need warmer garments every day it seems) Rebekah was commenting on some of her new friends, one of whom is not caucasian. She was pondering on the fact that this girl is actually one of her friends, and not away in a group who all look alike, as was so often the case in So. Fla. It occurred to me that we have actually landed in an area where the "Melting Pot" still works. Because their differences are not "celebrated", or held as the highest good, as in areas where multiculturalism is king, kids of every color can enjoy what they have in common. Whether that be a sport, an art, or a study hall, they have some common ground where they can meet as friends. Rebekah had gone to watch another friend in a volleyball game, and was surrounded by boys and girls of every color who were cheering for the same team.

On a similar note, we will be sharing our Thanksgiving Feast with another family of Christians. This family hails from South Africa and are here for one year on a teacher exchange program. The mom is a teacher and has switched with another teacher from here; they even switched houses! Their daughter, Joanne, is friends with Kate, and they will be joining us to experience a real traditional American feast. I can't wait to see and taste their contribution of a traditional family recipe from South Africa! The sad part is, since the school year in their homeland runs January to december, they are leaving in December. Having spent a year in America they are very sad to go before the two kids can finish this school year as well. We are glad to have a chance, however brief, to get to know these brothers and sisters from across the globe.

For the beauty and the atmosphere of "Apple Pie America", I am so glad that God saw fit to move us here.

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PhotoT8kr said...

The kids look great all bundled up. I miss you although it is 80 here in South Florida today. :-) The link to your pic did not work for me. Miss you. Lorri